It came upon a midnight clear
And now we come to end of a year
Chapters of stories unfold
Earthly lessons and taught and behold
We grow and gain wisdom again
From lessons learned and held within

Searching new purposes and plans
Given from God’s Hand
We step into a new season, a new year
Turning dreams and longings into His care
Knowing that all things work together
As we hide under His feathers
Fear not, keep walking by faith
For in due season He will make
All things come together for you His child
His Love everlasting meek and mild

So gird up your loins ye child of His
Know that all is well because of this
You who depend on His love and care
Will always be taken not unawares
For you will be in His loving care

Come Happy New Year
Come and bring about
Every Good and perfect gift from the Father
No sorrow with it, no calamity, no bother
Rest assured He is with you always
In every changing season
In every test and trial

So Happy New Year
I am so Blessed
For I know who holds the test
In strength and grace I will behold
Another story to yet unfold




I gaze at the flickering flame with thoughts of yesterday, today, and tomorrow
Reflections of what was, what is, what will be
As a thousand flickers of dancing flames mesmerize me
I meditate on thoughts unfolding from the recesses of my heart and mind
Like a play with many acts, I sit and stare, contemplating the scenes before me
Shadows and light, night and day, good and evil, each thought being redeemed by a truth, set free to fly
Acceptance, thankfulness, releasing the could have beens, as the flame burns out the dross of my thoughts
An indelible journal in my mind of what was, what is, what will be
A flicker, a light, a promise of a new day’s reflections


I open blinds put to sleep at night to rays of dawning glory
A hush, a stillness of a new day emerging
Coming to life sounds to ears, senses gently awakened
Basking in the wonder of a new day
His mercies new every morning
Rays getting brighter to flood my space, warm my heart, brighten my new day
Songbirds singing His praises to announce life stirring
The air fresh and clean inhaled into my being
A morning sunrise


He wooed and graced me with His love and Presence

He watched and molded and shaped my growth

He stood by protecting when I looked in wrong places

He showed me the truth, the way to go

He generously, patiently watered my seeking, not letting despair and discouragement drown me

He triumphed with me in all my victories, tempering the losses with His eternal love

He gave me Beauty for ashes; identity in Him; faith for tomorrow, because He lives

He still leads me besides still waters; is the lifter up of my head; nothing can ever separate me from Him

He continually cleanses me, washing me in His Blood

He is my All in All; His name is Love



The beginning melodic notes of music flooded the expectant air
And all eyes strained to behold who
they came to see

Rewarded for their diligent waiting, she descended in majestic royalty, donned in the opalessence of shimmering white textures
Draped about her serene statuesque form flowing onto a carpet of petals

He entwined his arm into hers, as if he wanted to hold onto her forever
And slowly and gently guided her steps-sure, thoughtful and with purpose

To a future yet unknown but longingly sought after
Without looking back to see the petals of yesterday

There he awaited, poised as an eagle sighted on the object of his desire
With her every step closer, he drank in his beloved’s beauty, unmatched to any other….

His heart was overjoyed with the fullness of his love for her
Soon she would be his heart, his soul, his flesh
They were one.


Ah, stillbird essence and winding warmth take me on a journey to sense-filled glory
Breathtaken by soft pink petaled blossoms on the blossom tree
Hues of color meshed sky and rays of glowy warmth set the circle of my backdrop
Sounds and smells of ocean washed rock permeating my nostrils
Birds of white, blue, and gray guide gracefully in flight
Shells gleaming in the sun of pearlessence shine catch my eye
To pebbled walkways of tree fallen bark mixtures of delight
What a sight to see with stalk colors of textured bouquets like potpourri and straw like arrays
Bordered with wild flowers on bended knees
Little furry creatures of the scurrying kind amid wooden trunks of varying height
A flitter, a song as they travel along, tiny birds making their presence known from branch to branch some laced like leis
A sudden downpour of refreshing droplets to mirror all
Ah, the bow in the sky to end my days journey with promise of yet another sensed-filled glory